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About Us

Larson Paleontology Unlimited, LLC  (LarsonPaleo)

We are a family owned, USA based paleontology businesss.  We have 40+ years of experience and are known world-wide as knowledgeable and qualified experts in our field.

We Offer:

Appraisals for donation and or insurance purposes. For an entire collection, no matter the size or for single specimens.

Fossil explorations, evaluations, excavations, consultation, conservation and preparation for landowners, individuals, private businesses and museums. 

We have high quality, prepared fossils and specialize in ammonite and ancient sea life.  Our offerings also include dinosaurs ~ for collectors, museums and  resale.  


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Neal Larson, President

Neal L. Larson, is a geologist and a paleontologist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from South Dakota Schools of Mines (1977). Neal has collected rocks, minerals and fossils since childhood spending his entire adult life working in the paleontological field, assembling collections, working with museums, as well as being a master preparator where his expertise and skills are second to none.

While his passion and focus is Mesozoic invertebrate fossils he has also published and prepared vertebrate fossils including dinosaurs.

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